• Elisa vecchio

My path to becoming a makeup artist

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a makeup artist, I now believe it was my destiny. Looking back at my life I now realize the signs where always there, i was always a artist. It just didn’t hit me until I was 18 and received a job as holiday help at Sephora. I started as a holiday cashier which isn’t the most glamorous job, to me it was everything. Every chance I had was used to learn about products. Knowing that I had the knowledge to help people look their best excited me. I started to self educate myself on makeup application. Books where my go to source, they filtered out all the junk that you sometimes see online and got straight to the point. Knowing that I was getting professional tips and tricks made me feel confident in what I was learning.

It was about two years into my job at Sephora and I was still a cashier. At the same time I was working I was going to college and became a certified event planner. I was tired of being a cashier and was practically bursting at the seems to put makeup on clients. Finally a opportunity for a event planning position at another Sephora location opened up. I jumped at the opportunity and received the position. During my first week at the new location I was asked if I did makeovers and I said yes. Truthfully I never did but I decided to fake it till I made it. My client left so happy and no one had any idea that was my first. Since then my work has evolved so much, I have qualified for positions I never thought where possible. Who knows where I would be now if I said no that day. I am forever grateful for the 5 years I spent with Sephora. I went from holiday help to senior artist to now a independent freelance makeup artist. They have taught me so much and made me realize that you can make a career being an artist.

My journey is no where near done and I am still evolving and learning. I wanted to write this so someone else will have the confidence to try something.

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