• Elisa Vecchio

How to clean your makeup brushes the right way

The key to having good makeup is having the right tools to use, and these tools don't come cheap. When you invest in anything you want to get your moneys worth. This is why I am writing this post. I want to save your pretty brushes from going in the garbage.

The first thing i want you to do is identify what your brushes bristles are made out of. This is the most important rule. I personally use alot of sephora brushes and most of them use a synthetic bristle. I do also own a handful of brushes that use natural bristles. The difference between the natural and synthetic bristles are natural bristles are poress and can break like real hair and synthetic brushes are not poress therefor they dont absorb.

Now that you've identified what type of brush you have we can begin!

For a quick fix on any synthetic brush you can always use some rubbing alcohol and the makeup will slide out of your bristles. I personally prefer to use a brush cleaner, but like i said this works for a quick fix. DO NOT ever use anything with a high concentration of alcohol on your natural brushes. Since they're poress it will destroy your bristles and will cause them to break off.

My two favorite brush cleaners i use are Cinema Secrets and Brush Off. These both work on both synthetic and natural bristles. These brush cleaners will get out every last bit of makeup while conditioning your bristles and have a super fast dry time. They're great to use while working and in between clients. i recomend to pour either brush cleaner into a tray or onto a paper towel. Then gently rub your brushes on the paper towel till no more makeup comes off. NEVER pour the brush cleaner into the brush as this can trap bacteria.

One thing i noticed while working in retail is many of my clients ruined their brushes while doing a deep clean. If you want to wash your brushes with some soap and water then you must be very careful. DO NOT EVER USE DETERGENT OR DISH SOAP!!!!!!! I cringe when i hear this. Baby shampoo is okay to use or any brush shampoo. Now im sure your reading this saying okay i use the right soap why are my bristles still falling out ?! Heres your answer do not wet the metal ferrule that holds your bristles to the brush. Once you saturate the ferrule it causes the glue and sewing of the bristles to loosen. At that point there is no saving the brush. Point your brush downward so the water doesnt go into the ferrule like this

Gently squeeze out any water at the end and refrain from turning the brush up right. lay them down on a paper towel or towel and wait till they completely dry.

There you go ! Now you can build your brush army and save some money !

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