• Elisa Vecchio

LORAC mega pro 2!

The first word that comes to mind when i look at the new Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette is WOW! This Palette is compltetly taking the industry by storm. If you have any social media account i'm sure you've seen this kick ass palette posted before. This is a LIMITED EDITION and a Ulta exclusive item. I for see it selling out like crazy this holiday season due to its amazing quality and even more amazing $59 price point.

Now heres why i LOVE my new buy so much !!!!

The Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette has a sleek light weight design which makes it a great item for your makeup kit. If you are a makeup artist with a kit I know you will appreciate that feature. We pretty much take everything but the kitchen sink when we go to do a job and are constantly breaking our backs. This palette is also super versatile. Sixteen of the colors are matte and the shade range and pigment on them are out of this world. Working in this industry i have yet to come across a matte paletee with such such different colors. The other sixteen shades in this palette have a gorgeous satin finish. They blend beautifully with the matte colors and the combinations of looks you can create are endless. This palette can be used wet or dry , this gives you the option to even create a custom liner using a smaller brush. The pigment is super silky and concentrated.I have even combined colors in this palette with other brands, it plays very well with others. The Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette is the ultimate show stopper this season.

Below are swatches of ever color in the palette in order by row . Each pictures top swatches are dry and bottom swatches are wet . These swatches have not been edited with any filters. I hope you enjoy them !





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