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Red lipstick looks good on everyone

Red Lipstick is the one trend that will never go out of style. It is a beauty item that is classic, timeless and sexy. Red lipstick is the perfect statement piece to take a simple and elegant makeup look over the top. It is the one color that looks good on everyone. So I’m sure your wondering why don’t I see more women wearing red? My thoughts are that red scares people. It’s a bold and intimidating color for most. All it takes is one bad red lipstick to make someone shy away from ever trying the color again.

Now if you know me personally you will know that I am a red lipstick junkie! I have many shades of red and it is one of my favorite colors to wear. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is when I wear my red I get a lot of compliments on the color followed by this dreadful statement, “I wish I could pull off a color like that”. That statement is the reason I am writing this blog at the moment. It is my mission to bring out your inner vixen and prove that you too can wear red lipstick.

Here are some tips to prepare you to shop for your red lipstick

  1. Always prepare yourself before you go shopping by applying your foundation blush mascara and eyeliner. If the only blushes you own are cooler in tone (mauve, candy pinks or plum) skip this step. If you don’t prepare yourself you will have a unsuccessful shopping trip because everything you try will seem like it washes you out.

  2. If you have very thin lips I recommend you stay away from colors that are very dark. They will make your lips appear smaller then their actual size. If you are blessed with very large full lips I recommend you go with a red that isn’t so neon in color. If neon is what you have in mind try using a lipstick that’s a bit more sheer.

  3. Always apply lip liner when wearing red. This will help prevent the lips from looking sloppy. Always take your time when applying red. Since the color is more bold imperfections are more visible.

  4. Expect to try on more then one shade of lipstick. Its like shopping for a new outfit, you have to see what works best for you sometimes the option you didn’t expect might work.

  5. Don’t get scared! Never feel pressured to buy something if your not sure. I always recommend my clients to wear something around for the day to see how they feel.


Now if you have fair skin the red lipstick process can be quite easy. Having fair skin allows you to have many options when buying red lipstick. In my personal experience with my clients i have found fair skin pulls off every type of red from fire engine to blood red and berries .I have also found that if you have fair skin you are one of the very few people that can pull off reds that lean more towards looking slightly orange. One thing i recomend is if you arent going for a goth look stay away from reds that go very dark. The contrast can be very severe on your pale skin. If you want red but dont want to be super bold use a sheer red lipstick. Since your skin is fair it will still pop. I also recomend you use bronzer to avoid looking washed out. I did originally want to post pictures of some celebrities with red lipstick but didnt do to legal issues. For some good examples of people with fair skin wearing red lipstick i reccomend you check out Taylor Swift, Emma Stone , Amanda Seyfried & Keira Knightley.


I personally find medium and olive skin look stunning in most true red shades. The contrast of a red with a slightly bluer base and pink undertone looks absolutely stunning. There are also many reds that have a combination of blue and yellow undertones that work perfectly for this skin type. If you want to go with a darker berry red color i reccomend you stick to something with a red undertone, like the color of wine. Make sure it doesnt lean towards being slightly purple. This is not a set in stone rule, I say it because it's just more flattering on your skin type.The great part about having a medium or olive skin is it isnt easy to wash out your coloring. I do recommend you stay away from very yellow reds that lean more towards the orange/neon side. This type of color is the only type of red that can really make you look washed out and very sallow. For some great examples of people with medium/olive skin wearing red lipstick i reccommend you check out Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz & Adriana Lima.


The beauty of having darker skin is red will not wash you out at all. I prefer to use a blue based red on my clients with darker skin because its more rich then a yellow red. This is not a strict rule because i have seen some exceptions of yellow based reds that look kick ass on darker skin. I do recomend if your going for a bright bold slightly neon red to use a lipstick that is creamy in texture instead of a matte. Sometimes a super bright red mattes contrast can be to sever,support it with a deeper lip liner in a ombre effect to execute this look. If the color is slightly darker then matte away. Keep away from reds that tend to go more neon/coral as they will tend to show up a little bit lighter when applied. If your coloring is smilar to Lupita and you want to have a true red, use something slightly sheer and more creamy. For some great examples of people with dark skin wearing red lipstick i reommend you check out Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Lupita, Kerry Washington & Viola Davis.

Now go ahead and bring out your inner vixen! I would love to hear about your red lipstick experiences, and i hope these tips and tricks insipred you to try something new !

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