• Full lip enhancer review

Full lip enhancer review

So if you have any type of social media account you have some across pictures of these little devices. These are full lip enhancers. They are said to be a alternative to lip fillers and injections.

Now I must say when I first saw these things I thought my prayers have been answered! I personally have a very full bottom lip but my top lip isn’t as full so when I smile it starts to disappear. I thought this would be a great alternative for lip injections. I quickly ordered this product in the hopes that I could create the perfect pout.

I received this product fairly quick. Inside were detailed instructions on how to use it. It did state that if you suck to hard you could cause a bruise on the inside of your mouth. I instantly decided to try it after gently using it for 30 seconds I seen absolutely no results. I then continued to try it for longer to see if that helped and it didn’t. I then slightly sucked it a little bit more still being cautious of not to do it too hard. The results where a still flat top lip and the inside cheek of my mouth became bruised. It was a pain that lasted for about a week. It was caused from the suction of my lip causing the inside of my mouth to rub against my tooth. It made eating very difficult. After this experience I never tried to use this product again

I recommend that if you want beautiful full lips to see a reputable doctor and try something like Juvederm, which last around 6 months or more and are not permanent. You can also try Sexy Mother Pucker plumping plant based lip-gloss from Soap and Glory. One thing that I also noticed while using the full lip enhancer is the amount of tension you are putting on the skin around your lips. The elasticity in your skin is like a rubber band. If you keep stretching it, it will eventually snap resulting in wrinkles around your lip. its the same as when your told not to pull your eye lid to put on eye liner because it will create wrinkles. This product is impregnating your skin for more wrinkles around your mouth. This will eventually result in more visits to your plastic surgeon and way more money spent on fillers. It is not worth trying to achieve fuller lips if your taking a chance aging yourself. Full lip Enhancer is like using a double-edged sword. I highly recommend you save your money. Embrace your smaller lips or find a alternative. Either way your gorgeous and you will thank me when you don’t have a ton of lines around your mouth one day .

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