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How to keep your blonde hair beautiful

Its a known fact that bleaching your hair damages it. Unfortunately I've learned first hand about this fact. I have accidently chemically cut my hair more than once. The pure devistation of watching your hair break off or shrivel up and DIE can scare you from ever bleaching again. Now im sure you wonder how all those bleach blondes with beautiful thick manes do it. Over the years I would constantly experiment with bleach and pretty much every hair color under the sun. After frying off my hair one to many times ,I got to researching to figure out the best methods to keep your hair strong blonde and beautiful. Going blonde is a commitment you cant do this half assed or you will regret it in the end. Below are some tips i found that worked amazing for me.

1. TIME IS KEY-Rome wasnt built in a day and sometimes your hair wont be either. Getting your hair as light as possible in one application and then holding off for a week or longer is the smartest idea. As long as your not walking around with a crazy miss matched dye job try and hold off.This little break will allow the hair to breathe and get back some nutrients. Use this time to nourish it and prepare for your next treatment. You will be happy you did this instead of all in one day. There is nothing more misserable then a garbage pale full of broken off blonde hair.

2.PREPARE THAT HAIR- If you know in advance that you plan on bleaching your hair start preparing it for the transition. This means cutting off any dead ends. I also recommend to start taking Biotin a month or so before hand. The reason i say this is Biotin not only helps your hair grow it helps strengthen it from the inside out. I like to use the Natrol brand found in CVS. Before taking any new supplements check first with your physician.

3. LESSEN THE BLOW - Once you hair has been prossesed im sure your stylist will reccomend you to reduce the amount of heat that you use. Now if your anything like me im sure your saying "yeah right i love my flat iron/curling iron no one can seperate us!". What ive found works best is reducing the amount i blow dry my hair. You have to pick and choose what is most important to you. So what i do is after i wash my hair i wrap it in a towel to absorb any excess water. Then i gently brush out my hair with a wet brush. You can then apply your heat protectors and leave in products. Yes you should be using a heat protector! i like to use Treseme's heat protectant it isnt alot of money and smells amazing. Once you do that your going to let your hair start to air dry. I like to skip to doing my makeup or doing some household chores. When your hair is at the stage of being damp then you can give yourself a blow out. The drying time will be much shorter which will reduce the heat and damage. If the curling iron or straightener are more important to you try to complretely let your hair air dry and just blow out the top layer so it doesnt appear flat. By lessening the heat you use you will start to notice a thicker and healthier appearence in no time.

4.GET DOWN AND DIRTY- Not really lol but you should try to reduce the amount you wash your hair . I reccomend trying to go two to three days in between washes. Everyones hair is different so figure out what works for you. I have dry hair so sometimes i can go to even 4 days. To help get you through a extra day or so of no washing try dry shampoo. I really like the Bumble & Bumble Pret' a powder. It doesnt add to the oil, gives volume and a little goes a long way.

5. NOURISH THAT MANE - First start with your shampoo. Stay away from products with alot of sulfates and go for products that nourish and hydrate. Everyones hair is different so it may take you a few different tries to find a shampoo that hydrates and doesnt weigh your hair down. Next find yourself a weekly treatment. There are many different options to choose from such as hair oils ,natural remedies and hair masks. These treatments are a lot richer than your regular conditioner. By doing this you will help replenish oils back into your hair and strengthen it. Below are some shampoos and treatments i highly recommend you try. They work great for blondes or any colored over processed hair. The prices do vary on all these products so everyone can find a remedy that works for their budget.

Crisco Cocunt oil $7.00- is a really inexpensive and great way to treat your damaged hair. You can find this at your local super market. Make a hot oil treatment . Heat your desired amount of coconut oil on low in the microwave for around 20 seconds. You can then apply it to your roots as a scalp treatment, the whole head or just your ends if you prefer. It will give your hair a healthy shine, add hydration, smooth frizzies and repair. This sized jar should last you a while and it makes a amazing body lotion as well.

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner $2.60-$4.98 each is a inexpensive Shampoo and Conditioner to use. Its made for color treated hair . These products help repair damaged strands and reduce frizzy hair. To top it off they have a amazing sent.

Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner $7.99-$13.99 each is a great shampoo and conditioner and in the medium price range. This shampoo and conditioner is more rich in texture then the Suave professionals. What i love about this product is the product knowledge is right on the front label. It adds weightless hydration from its coconut oil and helps strengthen/repair damaged hair by using egg whites. Its great for dry brittle hair. Another plus is it doesn't leave my hair flat at all.

Alterna Caviar Repair Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner $32.00 each- is definitely in the more expensive price range as you can tell ,but these Luxury items are worth every penny. This duo is the holy grail of shampoo and conditioners in my eyes. When my budget permits it this is my splurge hair care .This dynamic duo does everything you would ever want a hair product to do. They strengthen the strands of your hair by improving the hairs porosity, strength & hydration. While doing that it also repairs the inner shaft of your hair while sealing and smoothing the outside. It also goes in and fills any gaps or split ends allowing your hair to look rejuvenated after your first time using it. The Instant Recovery shampoo and conditioner is also anti aging and UVA/UVB protectant. If you think I couldn’t top that off It’s also sulfate and paraben free. I highly recommend this product if you are trying to do damage control on your locks. When I first tried it my hair was beyond damaged and it made it look as if I had a trim. That’s how much healthier it made its appearance .

Phyto Subtil Elixir Shine Oil $38.00 - is a amazing treatment to add into your routine. First off i want to say that it has the most delicious sent ever! lol. It reminds me of a tropical paradise. Okay. Okay. Back to the details. This sulfate/paraben free treatment is to be used before you Shampoo your hair. Its super nourishing and repairing. It leaves your hair revived and silky with out any residue. There has been many times i left this product in longer then the time on the label and it still doesn’t leave the hair greasy or flat. That’s a big plus if you have straight hair like myself. Another key reason i continue to purchase this product is it lasts forever. You wouldn’t think so by the size of the bottle but a little goes a long way.

Living Proof Restore mask treatment $42.00- is the mask that resurrects your hair from the grave! The restore mask is free of sulfates,parabens gmo's and synthetic dyes. This treatment repairs the protectant barrier that our strands had before we stripped it. The deep hydration this product gives you makes your hair feel balanced with out being weighed down. My favorite thing about it is it strengthens your strands nine times against breakage! That why I love using this after i process my hair.

There is one last tip that I have recently heard about but have yet to try. It's called Olaplex. It is a treatment that I started to hear about in local salons. I do not know how the process is done but you can do it before or after processing. it is supposed to repair broken bonds in the hair. For more information i would ask your hair stylist about the treatment. I plan on trying it in the very near future and will report back.


I told you i would give a update after trying Olaplex. I recently added more blonde to my hair and i wanted the color to be nice and light. It took me calling a few salons to find one that used Olaplex. Some salons said they used similar products to it but i wanted the real deal. I am so excited that i did because now im hooked! I tried to pay attention to the whole process. Its a three step system. Step one can be done on regular hair or mixed in with the dye. My hairstylist mentioned it sometimes take longer to lighten the hair when using this. Step two is a rinse . Step three is a at home weekly treatment. You can either rinse it out or use it as a leave in. I like to leave mine in.

Now im sure you've experienced some degree of broken hair when going lighter. This time there was none! Olaplex is the product every blonde dreams of. Or any one with damaged hair. My hair feels not only stronger but thicker from using it. I cant stop touching it because it feels so healthy. It has really revived my hair and added such a nice shine too. I highly recommend you use this product. I will never bleach my hair again with out it.

I hope these tips help you as much as they've helped me ! Thanks for reading <3

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