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5 Skin care commandments

In these past five years I have met countless clients while working in the beauty industry. The one thing I noticed is so many people completely neglect their skin. This would bother me more then anything! I would have so many situations where my clients would ask me what I use on my skin to make it look so good. After telling them the smorgasbord board of products that I use they would opt to only try the foundation. Then after trying the foundation by it self they would complain that it didn’t look the same. DUHHHHH! You can’t bake a cake with one ingredient and you cant have beautiful skin using only one product! So after constantly dealing with this situation I decided to start showing my clients half of their face with the proper skin care and the other half with the foundation alone. My client’s reactions where jaws to the floor and pure amazement at how much of a difference skin care made. I converted so many to believing in skin care. Unfortunately this still doesn’t put a dent in the amount of people destroying their skin. This is how I came up with my skin care commandments. I am writing this blog in the hopes of saving some faces! So lets begin.

Commandment #1 Thou shall not smoke cigarettes-

I listed this commandment as number one because it is the most damaging to your face. Smoking is so common and I have come across many clients that have this disgusting habit. One of the most common concerns that my smoking clients would have is their pore’s, but that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Smoking completely wrecks your face. Every time you smoke you are put so many chemicals and toxins into your body. The only way for the toxins to escape is through your pores. While it’s escaping it will continually stretch out those pores. Before you know it all 20,000 pores on your face will be gaping, once this happens there is no going back. Now if you think you can deal with some big ass pores and it’s not a big deal. Then I hope you can also deal with your face shriveling up like a prune. Cigarettes rot your body from the inside out. Over many years of smoking it will suck all the moisture out of your skin. Leaving it with a rough rubbery texture and a lifeless gray/yellow overcast. It will give you the darkest under eye circles you can ever imagine. If you don’t think it can get any worse then this your wrong. Long-term smokers get the worst wrinkles. They mainly appear in your cheeks and all around your lips. They become so deep your face starts to look like a piece of broken up cement. This is why I strongly advise you listen to commandment #1. If not good luck spending lots of money on Botox or looking like a shriveled up prune. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Commandment #2 Thou shall not tan their face-

This is the second most important commandment to saving your face. Yupp that’s me to the left. I am the crazy hat lady at the beach. Now if you know me you know I love to be tan but I never actually tan my face. I’m sure your thinking right now okay how am I going to tan my body and leave my face looking like Casper? My favorite thing to do is use the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster. I also make my foundation darker to match my body. Now if your not into the big sun hats and still like to sun bathe make sure you wear some sort of spf and UV protectant sunglasses. I always recommend you look for something that is spf30+ and has UVA & UVB protection. UVA stands for Ultra Violet Aging rays. UVB stands for Ultra Violet Burning rays. Both UVA & UVB will ravage your skin by creating many wrinkles, sun spots and possibly skin cancer. I always noticed that my clients that where 40+ years in age that where pale or always used sun block, had the face of a teenager. If you choose to tan your face religiously with out any protection it will eventually look like a piece of wrinkly leather. The sun can take a toll on your skin even if your young. Heavy exposure to tanning even in your teens can result in you looking years older then your age.

Commandment #3 Thou shall always use skincare-

To the left is my skin care regimen that I found works for my very dehydrated skin. Now everyones skin is different so what works for me might not work for you. I believe everyone should use a face wash for their skin type, toner, serum moisturizer and eye cream. There are no excuses when it comes to doing skin care. It only takes 2 minutes to apply so you cant say time is a issue. I am a skincare brat and will invest what ever it costs to have the right products that work for me. This is only because i have the driest skin ever. Now you don't have to do what I do. Their are many different brands with good price ranges that are amazing products. Some examples are Olay, First Aid Beauty & Clinique. I would often have clients make up excuses why they didn’t want/need skin care. A common situation i would run into while working in cosmetics is mothers taking their 15 year old to buy their first foundation. I would always start off by recommending a inexpensive starter moisturizer for the young girl. Then the mother says “she’s too young to use moisturizer would always follow this". WRONG!!!!! This would drive me crazy. Moisturizer is the holy grail to preserving your skin. You are NEVER to young to start using it. Moisturizer is meant to hydrate, balance and prevent aging. Don't wait till the damage is already done because you will then need to invest more money. The next issue I would run into is my clients claiming their skin is oily and that moisturizer isn’t good for them. WRONG!! Your skin produces more oil when its dehydrated. So moisturizer would actually balance out their skin helping it produce less oil, and saving those precious pores. Now the last situation I would come across is clients would have skin care concerns that need more then just a moisturizer. Like I said earlier you cant bake a cake with one ingredient and your skin is the same way. They would get stingy and not want to spend on a moisturizer, but walk around with a Michael Kors bag or wearing designer shoes. If you’re wearing designer clothes you should be wearing designer skin care. Skincare is everything it will solve many different concerns from acne, oil, dryness, dark spots, elasticity and aging. It will even make your makeup last and look better. If you don’t know how to diagnose your skin or identify your skin type yourself stop in at your local Sephora for help. The reason I say Sephora is they're not partial to a specific brand like department store workers are. If you can’t spend on all the skin care at once ask for a sample of the serum or toner. By doing this you can see if you feel any difference while using the products together. I will get more into skin care diagnosing in my future blogging. The last tip i want to leave you with on this subject is be patient! To see drastic differences such as repairing you need to wait 30-45 days for your skin cells to turn over.

Commandment #4 Thou shall correctly wash their face

You always want to wash your face with a face wash. Bar soaps and body washes are usually too abrasive for the skin on your face. You can do a basic face wash that good for breaking down makeup. Or you can do a treatment face wash that will treat your skin care concerns. When you wash your face always use luke warm water. Hot water will dehydrate your skin. When you rinse splash the water onto your skin in a downward motion. Your pores face downward so by splashing upward you are putting the debris right back into your pores. To elevate your face washing routine add in a high tech tool such as the Foreo or the Clarisonic. These tools will both clean the skin 6-10 times more then your hands. They will also dislodge any dirt and bacteria and help with anti aging. I always recommend buying these items from a retailer with a good return policy. The reason i say this is almost everyone falls in love with using these tools, If your one of the rare few that doesn’t you wont be throwing your money away.

Commandment #5 Thou shall exfoliate

The product shown in the picture to the left is a exfoliator i reccomend to my clients with even the most sensitive of skin. It is the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. This is a great kit essential that you can use to prep your clients before applying skin care. They use Lactic acid so it slides off any dry skin with out being abrassive. There is also no rinse off required. You are then left with a smooth radiant canvas. Now this is one of Many exfoliators i like. Sometimes it takes a few tries with exfoliators to find one that works with your skin chemistry. Exfoliating is the key to having smooth foundation. Exfoliating also clears the dry dead skin from blocking your pores. This will help prevent bacteria build up, resulting in less break outs.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 skin care commandments. I know they will make a difference in your life. I will be posting more entries on Moisturizers ,Serums,eye creams and all skin care in the near future. If you want to learn more you can also stop in at your local Sephora.

I am not endorsed or work for any of the brands listed above. These are all recomendations from my experiences in the industry <3

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