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The guide to bridal beauty

The holidays are right around the corner. This means lots of food lots of giving and lots of engagements. I don’t know if its all the spiked eggnog or the holiday music, but this season is the most popular for popping the big question. Now this got me thinking about all these brides to be. Its so much work to plan a wedding, let alone book good reputable vendors. I wanted to write tips for all those brides looking for their wedding day Makeup Artist. This is a guideline of what to expect, what to ask and what to look out for.

What to expect with pricing

I want to start off saying a quote that I heard once. "Good work doesn't come cheap. Cheap work doesn’t come good" . I have no idea who said this but they're 100% right. As a makeup artist I’ve noticed a lot of clients are willing to spend on their hair but don’t think its necessary spending on their makeup. Both services go hand in hand. There’s no point in going all out for the dress and your hair and then skimping on your makeup. The makeup is the icing on the cake and its just as important. I've had a lot of potential clients try to bargain on makeup prices. Everyone wants to save as much as possible and I truly understand that. The only time it's really appropriate to ask for a discount is if you have a very large bridal party or you plan on hiring them for multiple events. Other then those save your dignity. You don’t bargain a nail or hair salon for a discount for using your own topcoat or shampoo. So be respectful when it comes to makeup artist businesses.

If you’re looking to pay department store prices which is usually around $50, then go to the department store. I worked in a department makeup store for many years. There are so many amazing artists and then there are the okay artists. Most department stores don't usually start doing makeup around 11pm. So if you're have a late wedding and don’t mind stopping at the mall before hand go for it. I do warn you that other clients may interrupt you while your makeup is being done. You also can't always guarantee your getting the artist you like. It is a department store so employee’s aren’t booked by a contract like a on location artist. This means there is the chance of them calling out sick. In this case you will be given which ever artist is available.

I am based out of New York and work in New York and New Jersey. I know prices are higher in these states then some others. The average prices can be any where from $80 - $300 +. $80 being low and sometimes uncommon usually only for special promotions or for every day makeup.$100-$250 price range is average and $300 is more like Manhattan prices. These prices are the average per person in these states. Other states might be lower or higher. There are usually travel fees and always a trial fee as well. You should also expect higher prices if the wedding is on a holiday. If you find a freelance on location makeup artist for $50 you should be very skeptical. If it’s too good to be true it usually is. If you’re willing to give them a chance ask for a trial.

What you should ask your potential makeup artist

So you don’t have to be a makeup guru or expert to book someone for your special day. You just have to know the right questions to ask and what to look for. That’s what I’m here to help you with !

  • How much do you charge?

  • How much do you charge for a trial?

  • How many people can you accommodate?

  • How long does it take to do each person?

  • If theirs more people than you can handle do you have other makeup artists to bring with you?

  • Do you have pictures of your work?

  • What kind of products do you use?

  • Do you apply false lashes?

What to look out for

Like i said you don't have to be a expert to book a reputable artist. Here are my insider professional tips to look for when booking your makeup artist. These tips are so important and save you the heartache of having a shady or unprofessional artist. Here are the 6 things you need to look for.

1. PRODUCTS- you are paying top dollar for your makeup artist to have the highest quality work for your special day. So you artist should be using quality makeup. If your makeup artist is charging you in the average price range that I listed above of $100-$250. There is no reason why every single item in their kit is drug store makeup. This is not bashing drug store makeup at all but part of the cost you're paying is due to product cost and replenishment. So they should have a decent amount of high end products. Don’t get me wrong their are some kick ass drug store products that compete with the best of the best. It is just unacceptable if every single item is from the dollar store. It is also unacceptable for the makeup artist to force certain colors on you that you don’t like because that’s all they have in their kit. The makeup artist should have a wide range of foundations, shadows lips blushes and lashes.

2. DURABILITY- when you have your makeup trial pay attention to what the artist is doing. Ask questions like "what primer are you using on my face and eyes today?” If the artist does not use primer stop them right there and don’t continue with the application. Face primer does multiple things it can help with your skin condition whether it’s oily or dry. It also elevates the product out of the skin so it looks smoother minimizes pores and makes it last longer. Eye primer will stop smudging transferring and creasing. If the artist doesn’t use these items your makeup will not last. It will get greasy, crease and wear away. Make sure your artist also sets your makeup either using a setting powder or a spray. By doing this makeup is set from underneath and on top for maximum durability.

3.SKINCARE - A true artist knows the importance of skincare preparation. If your artist goes straight to slapping makeup on your face and skips skincare, that’s a red flag. Your artist should prep your skin based on if you’re oily or dry. They should also be assessing your skin for dry patches and signs of dry and oily skin incase you don’t know how to correctly asses it yourself. If your artist doesn’t use skincare this can affect the overall look of the makeup. It can cause it to look cakey or dull. It can also affect the staying power of your look. If you choose to use your own skincare and that works too.

4. ONLY THING YOU SHOULD BUY- The only thing you should buy is your lipstick so you can touch up later in the day. Even though most people hire makeup artists they don't always hire them to do touch ups. So Having the lipstick your artist recommends is a good idea to re apply. NEVER book a makeup artist that tells you you have to buy the products for them to use on you. This is one of the biggest red flags and i look at it as a scam. If they are a real makeup artist then they should have a kit. If they tell you you need to buy your face color your eye brow color blush or anything else besides the lipstick do not book them. Unless you want to deduct the cost of all the products they request from their fee. I don't even recommend doing that because they are not a professional.

6. COLORING & SYMMETRY - There is certain things that you want to look for in your artist’s portfolio and when you go for your trial. These things are coloring and Symmetry. Your face should always match your neck no matter what. If you see a portfolio where the face and neck are two different colors save your money and book some one else for a trial. You also want to look at the symmetry in the eye liner and eye shadow. They should mirror each other. Look out for eye shadow/eyeliner on one eye being higher then the other. Also pay attention to one side being darker than the other. Jagged liner is something you should look for too.

7. HYGIENE - No one wants pink eye or a cold sore on the day of their wedding due to their makeup artist’s poor hygiene. STOP the artist if they go to use lipstick/mascara straight from the tube on you. You’re definitely not the first person they’re using this product on and not the last.

I really hope this information helps you when looking for your makeup artist for your special day. I also want to congratulate all the future brides out there. Love you all for reading this. Good luck on the search for your perfect vendors. <3

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