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Looking for the new you in the new year?

Looking for the new you in the New Year?

In 12 hours it will be 2016. With the New Year come new resolutions, and the yearning for change. It’s always the same stuff too. I’m going to loose weight, I’m going to find a man, I’m going to make a lot of money… yada yada yada. We all know these resolutions are forgotten in week. So how about a resolution that is instant, not permanent, and gives you the feeling of a new you? I recommend you try the opposite of what you are used to. It can create the balance you have been lacking in your life. This can open up your eyes to something you love. It can also make you realize that you don’t need change and you where happy in the first place. Here are some ideas of how you can find the new you this 2016.

Revamp your makeup routine

For the women who don’t wear makeup, try giving it a chance. In my years working in retail I’ve noticed the clients I came across that never wore makeup where petrified of trying it. WHY??? Its not a tattoo ladies you can wash it right off. Go to your local makeup department store and try something light. You can wear it for every day or just a special occasion. I recommend you try a CC or a BB cream, blush, lipstick and a light eye brow product. The key word in this paragraph is TRY. Don’t ever feel forced to purchase if you don’t feel confident about it. Wear it for the day and see how you feel. These subtle changes can make you look more awake, put together or even years younger. Who wouldn’t want to go into the new year feeling that way ?

For the women who wear makeup. Try new stuff! I’m sure your thinking duhhh. But I mean try the opposite of what you’re already doing. It is easy to fall into a makeup rut. You find something that works and will wear it till the end of time. Find a lipstick color you like and that’s it; you wear it every day of your life. You’ll even wear it when its out dated. I recommend you go to your local makeup store and purchase a makeover. Show your artist a picture of what you wear on every day basis and tell them you want to try something different. See what they pick. You could fall in love with something you never thought of trying. If you hate everything use the fifty dollars you would spend on products to buy what you originally loved. If you always wear nude lipstick try a pop of color and vice versa. If you’re a makeup guru and know all the tricks of the trade; try discovering a 15 minute look that works for you. Its all about discovering new things.

Hair is something that pertains to everyone. For 2016 I plan on having full hair for once in my life. I have pin straight hair and all I want is big hair. Once again try the opposite of what you have been doing. No I’m not saying if you have long hair chop it all off. If you have never dyed you hair. Try starting off with a tint of color. This can add vibrancy to your skin tone and take years off your look. If you’ve had the same style for the past 5 years. Seek out the best hair stylist in your area and try something different. Maybe do bangs or cut some layers into it. Hair cutting and dye are not permanent so don’t be scared to try it. Try subtle changes if your not ready for something drastic. My tip is going to your local wig shop first. You can try on different colors and cuts before committing.

I wish everyone a great New Year! Good luck discovering the new you and sticking to your resolutions. I would love to know if you’ve tried any of the tips I listed here today and what your experience was like.

Thanks for reading everyone

<3 Elisa

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