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How to plump your lips- Without using injections

The full lip trend is anything but new. Women have been using products for the last 50 years to make there lips look fuller. But recently this trend has turned into a cult phenomenon! All thanks to Kylie Jenners perfectly plump pout.

I'm sure you have seen many internet tricks to make your lips look bigger; some just look out right crazy. Others are dangerous and can even permanently damage your face. So I know your thinking why go through all this for full lips?-just get injections. Now for those of you who don't know me I am totally for plastic surgery. For those of you who do know me; you know how i have the worst luck. Even though i would love to get my lips done; i would hate to have them botched. In my eyes lip injections could still use a few more years of perfecting. More often you will come across someone with a bad lip job then a amazing one. Then the doctors that do an amazing job also cost the big bucks. Thats the second reason why i thought of these lip contouring tricks.

In this post i will show you my tricks for contouring your lips. With step by step pictures and instructions. If you like watching videos instead i also did a vlogg on this as well. the video is at the bottom of this page.

Before we get started heres a before and after picture.

Step 1- Prime lips. I am using the Stila lip primer. Not only does your lipstick stay on longer , it helps hydrate your lips by using hyloronic acid. This ingredient also helps plump the lips .

- Wait till lip primer is dry to proceed to step 2

Step 2- Using a buffing concealer brush and a matte concealer. Sparingly brush over the edges of your lips

Step 3- Using a micro Beauty Blender that is slightly

damp; blend in the edges of the concealer you just

applied. I find a patting motion works best.

Step 4- Using a small concealer brush highlight

your upper lip .

Step 5- Using the same small concealer brush. Draw 2

lines from the top of your lip in a upward motion. This will create your cupids bow.

Step 6- Using your middle finger or ring finger; pat

conealer into skin. do not over blend. You still

want to be able to see the lines.

Step 7- Use your micro mini beauty blender

and a light tomedium foundation. Pat a thin

Step 8- Create depth by using a contour color a shade

deaper then your skin. apply under the lower lip.

focusing on the center bottom curve.

dont do this under the whole lower lip.

Step 9- contour between the cupids bow.

Start the contour by the top lip and brush upward.

This will create the illusion that the cupids bow is


Step 10- add a dot of contour in the outer

corners of your cupids bow.

-Blend up and out

Step 11- Using a highlighting powder and a small brush. Highlight your top lip and slightly drag it into your cupids bow.

-Pat the product into the skin one last time with a bare beauty blender.

Step 12- Set with transulcent powder

Step 13- line your lips slightly going over the edge.

dont go to far over or you will look crazy.

Step 14- fill lips with matte lipstick or matte liqud lipstick.

Step 15- Ombre corners of your lips with the same lip liner.

this will make the center of your lips look more plump.

it will also help blend your liner

Step 16. Add 3 little lines to the upper lip and one in

in the center of the lower lip. it will make the lipps look

fuller. Then press them together to blend .

There you go ! I hope you like your contoured lips ! if you have any questions comment below. If you like watchin beauty videos heres the video of me creating this contoured lip . Thanks for reading and watching <3

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