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Top Products & tips that will take your winged liner to the next level

Top Products and tricks that will take your winged liner to the next level

I have been wearing winged eyeliner for the past decade. It’s a look I personally never get tired of. Winged eyeliner gives a edge to your makeup. It takes you from the girl next store to a bad ass Vixen.

When ever I go out; someone always asks me about my eyeliner. “how do you get your points so sharp?”. “ how do you get your eye liner so dark?”. “how do you do your eye liner so smooth?” etc. I always recommend that it takes a lot of practice, patients, Q-tips and my favorite eyeliner that I’m using at that point in time.

That being said! Nothing ruins a look like sloppy, smudgy dull eyeliner! - That’s why I’m writing today’s blog post. I am going to list my top 5 favorite liquid liners. The reasons why I love them! Along with my top picks for liner brushes and some kick ass tricks that will change your liner game FOR-EV-ER! So lets get to it =)

Prestige Liquid eyeliner black $4 Duane reade - This is the liquid liner that started it all for me.

  • The sturdy felt tip helps create a flawlessly lined eye. The quality of the applicator is hands down one of the best felt tip liners I have come across. Even half way through the bottle you don’t have to worry about the tip getting wonky or frayed.

  • Unlike the other eyeliners on this list. This one isn’t waterproof, but its super long wearing. Which makes it a great formula for someone who has sensitive skin or likes a easy wash off. I personally recommend this for eye liner beginners, because it’s easy to clean up if you make any mistakes.

  • Prestige’s highly pigmented formula is another reason why I love this product! Its always intense and doesn’t dry out fast. It also comes in multiple shades. One of my favorite colors they make is the deep blue shade. It’s a great substitute for black.

  • The quality and price of this product is why it’s in my top 5. It’s great for anyone who wants to try a new look with out investing a lot of money.

Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner in Trooper $19 Sephora- This is the best pen eye liner ever created. Kat Von D truly created a masterpiece with this one.

  • The brush point tip on this liner is everything! It allows the product to flow effortlessly without using a lot of pressure. You can even create a super thin line using the very tip of this liner. This liner totally took my cat eye to the next level.

  • The brush bristles never get clogged like its felt tip pen liner competitors. It also keeps its beautifully pointed shape. So no worries about a mushy sloppy tip here.

  • This product is water resistant, long lasting and gives a semi matte finish. Don’t worry about the wash off process all you need is a little soap and water to break it down.

  • One main reason I buy this over and over again is because I wear a lot of eye liner and this pen lasts me over 3 months every time.


- Always store this liner in a cup or jar with the point facing downward. This way the juice inside is ready to flow for a effortless application.

-I only recommend you use this liner on yourself and not on your clients. When you go to use it on someone else the angle you hold it makes the liquid fall to the back of the pen.

Laura Mercier crème eyeliner in Noir $25 Macy’s or Laura Mercier – This Crème pot eyeliner is a Makeup kit Essential! This is the best pot eyeliner I have ever come across. No joke it beats out every pot/gel eyeliner. Trust me I’ve tested them all and this is hands down the best. Why you might say?... because its amazing- DUHH! Here’s the real reasons…

  • It does not dry out…. Ever! Even the very last bit stays creamy. That’s one of the main reasons I recommend it. Since the formula stays creamy its easy to get a smooth line or wing . It wont pull at the skin creating skips.

  • This jet-black formula will give the perfect definition to any eye makeup look. If you don’t like to use black eyeliner there is also a beautiful chestnut and indigo shade in this liner.

  • Now even though this liner stays super creamy in its jar- it dries down to a beautiful matte.

  • Its smudge resistant and water resistant formula will have you waking up the next morning with you eyeliner still in tact. I know I know that’s a beauty taboo but we all do it. You will definitely need a good makeup remover and cleanser to get this bad boy off.

  • The formula has a great consistency so it’s easy to work with. I did forget to mention a little goes a long way. That’s why I love using it in my kit

Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof Liquid liner $19 Sephora or Urban This liquid liner is a classic in my book!

  • I love the classic ink well style this liner uses.

  • Its super thin brush applicator allows you to swipe on a effortless straight line. It’s precision brush is also great for doing creative looks like dots and designs.

  • Its silky formula is great for all types of lids. It literally glides with out causing pulls or skipping.

  • It gives a glossy water resistant finish. Which is great if your tired of the typical matte liner finish. It washes of easy with a little soap and water.

  • It also comes in a assortment of other shades like bright pink and blue which is great for switching up your style.

Tarte Tarteist clay paint liner $24 Sephora - When you thought eyeliner couldn’t possibly get darker. Tarte creates this innovative blacker then black formula!

  • Not only is this a kick ass eyeliner formula but it comes with a brush!

  • Its innovative container keeps your liner from being exposed to air. Keeping it creamy down to the last drop. Making this another makeup kit essential

  • The texture of this formula is also very unique. It’s thin and creamy at the same time. But not watery in the least bit. While still maintaining its intense pigment.

  • You can blend this formula to smooth your line or smoke it with out looking muddy. It can also be used to create a smokey eye. There’s a lot of versatility when using this product. So you can do some really fun looks.

  • It’s water resistant and dries down to a matte black. But you wont need a hammer and chisel to get it off. Soap and water should do the trick.

  • Its also tested by eye doctors and is great for anyone with eye sensitivity.

Okay so now that I’ve told you my favorite liner products. Here’s my favorite picks for liner brushes.

Lancome double ended eyeliner brush $25-

I love that this liner brush doesnt have long bristles. The short tapered style of its bristles give alot of precision. It allows you to get a super fine line. Its great for tight lining or getting the perfect tip on your cat eye. The brush on the other end is also great for smudging liner or applying eye shadow in the corner or crease of your eye.

Bobbi Brown $28-

When i frist seen this brush i didnt think twice about using it for eyeliner. Until i finally tried it and fell in love! The shape of this brush gives so much versatility. You can turn it on the side using the edge to get a super easy thin line. Or turn it to the flat side to paint on a thicker liner of wing. The tip of this brush is also great for lining near your tear duct or sharpining your eyeliner wing. I also love how this brush keeps its shape after many uses.

Sephora eye liner brush $12-

Over the past years I have sold so many of these brushes. I was so happy to see my clients loved it as much as i did. The Beautiful dense bristles on this brush is what sets it apart from its competiton. It's tip gives you alot of structure and stability when lining your eyes. It's not flimsy at all.So you wont get any unwanted flicks when applying your eyeliner. After many uses this brush continued to keep its shape.

Face secret slanted eye liner brush $5-

I bought this item on a whim at Sallys Beauty Supply.I was so impressed with the quality and price that i picked up a few more to keep in my kit. I must say this brush takes a beating and can compete with the best of them. The angled tip makes it really easy to apply liner on your opposite eye from your dominant hand. It's angle also makes it easy to apply liner on your clients.


1. Pointed Q tips are your best friend

2. NEVER use makeup remover to clean up your eyeliner. It will cause you makeup to bleed it will give u difficulty if you have to add more eyeliner & creates unflattering marks on your shadow. That no amount of blending or shadow can fix.

3. Use eye cream or eye primer. That way you wont disrupt your other makeup. It also wont create any marks if you add eyeshadow on after.

4.Make sure your brush ALWAYS has a good saturation of product. If it starts to get dry dont get lazy just add more product. If you DONT you will have more work in the end. A dry brush created unwanted pulls and skips .

5. When your eyeliner brush starts to loose its point/shape after a few uses or cleanings dont toss it! TRY rolling the brush in your gel eyeliner. This will help reinforce the shape by sticking the bristles back together and creating a nice point on your brush. which will result in a perfect wing.

6. Dont pull your lid to the side to apply your eyeliner. When it snaps back it always looks different. You will also make your eyes age way beyond their years by doing this.

7. If you have loose lids turn your brush sideways and use a stamping teqnique. This will prevent skips and pulls giving you a super smooth line.

8. Always use eye primer to avoid smudging and transfering. Just because a eye liner is water resistant doesnt mean its oil resistant .

9. NEVER attempt to draw on your liner in one motion. it never works ! slow , small and steady strokes will always leave you happy in the end.

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