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The trend that will have your eyebrows on point!

Eyebrow styling goes back to the time of ancient Egyptians. Brows have been one of the biggest trendsetters in the beauty industry; marking almost every era with a different style. There has been the painted on brows, the unibrow (eeeeek), NO brows (scary), the round brows, pencil thin brows and now full brows has made a comeback. Full brows have been one of the most dominant styles going in and out of fashion since the beginning of time. It is the trend that is definitely here to stay. Everyone knows that we look 1000 times better with our brows filled. It is a trend that has completely exploded since 2010.

Now if your a product of the 90's like myself; I am sure you did some over tweezing that has scarred you for life. If your stuck with over tweezed patchy eyebrows like i am; fear no more! You no longer need to worry about filling in your brows before you leave the house. Or fearing you wiped your eyebrows off during the day. THE BEST EYEBROW TREND HAS FINALLY MADE ITS WAY OVER TO THE U.S!!! Microblading is something that is creeping its way into the beauty/permanent cosmetic industry. If you haven't heard about this trend it is literally going to change your life! I have had many clients that hate their eyebrows and dread filling them in all the time. When i found out about microblading i knew i had to learn this amazing skill and transform everyones brow game. Who doesn't want to shorten their makeup routine and wake up with flawless brows? It is hard to find a lot of information on microblading since its new to the U.S so I'm going to tell you everything you need to know!

Microblading is a manual tattooing process that scratches individual hair strokes into the top layers of your skin. Microblading doesn't go as deep as a regular tattoo,and uses a smaller needle. This allows results to be super sharp natural looking hair strokes. It is so natural looking that i have to double check what is hair and what is tattoo constantly while doing this procedure. The procedure takes any where from 1-3 hours. It can be used to fill/shape sparse eyebrows or completely reconstruct eyebrows from nothing. Microblading usually requires more then one procedure and can sometimes take multiple procedures to achieve desired results. Most microblading practitioners like myself; give clients one free touch up after 3-4 weeks. this will darken the color and fill spots that didn't stick the first time around. Everyones skin heels differently and holds the pigment differently. Thats why a touch up is always required. Not everyone is a candidate for microblading and most practitioners will give you a questioner before the service. On some rare occasions it is possible for pigment not to hold in the skin at all just like when skin rejects a regular tattoo. The healing process for microblading takes around a month. Fo Its recommended you avoid steamy showers and activities that make you sweat. If you don't it can cause your brow to fade drastically before the pigment has fully stuck. The color may feel dark at first but tones down in the first 2 weeks. Sometimes during the first 2 weeks your eyebrows may look like they haven't stuck. Wait till its been a full month;in some cases your skin heals over the microblading. It takes 4 weeks for skin cell turn over to happen and shed. In most cases your eyebrows will re appear once the shedding process happens. I know it sounds crazy but I've witnessed it first hand. You have to keep brows constantly hydrated for a whole month w aftercare and avoid sun exposure. Avoid picking at dry skin because it removes color. After the first month you can go in the sun just apply a little spf to your brows to protect your color. Your healed results will last 1 year to 3 years.It all depends on your skin type and how you take care of them. Some clients like to do color boosts during the year I recommend always hydrating them with face cream, using spf and avoiding harsh peels,exfoliators or acne products over your brows.

Heres more pictures of these freshly micro bladed eyebrows i created ! Contact us for prices,inquieres or any questions about microblading. Thanks for reading <3

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