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Elisa always  knew That she wanted to pursue a career in art.She started with a par-time job in cosmetic sales in 2010. She soon realized makeup was exactly what she wanted to do. She worked tirelessly perfecting her craft, and took on any job big or small.  As she continued to evolve her artistry her reputation grew.  One of the world renowned Horror Prop production companies enlisted her talents to help grow their business.  

From there Elisa continued to network and grow her clientele.Elisa was tapped for music videos, commercials and movies for the networks Netflix and Amazon Prime. Her portfolio extended into the bridal industry and that became her specialty. Fast forward 12 years Elisa grew a five star reputation in the bridal industry for her attention to detail,extremely long lasting looks, punctuality and above all else great customer service. 

In an ever growing industry Elisa continues to look for new ways to re invent herself. She became a NY licensed esthetician.Her beauty services now extend beyond just makeup.  She now strives to make people feel beautiful in their bare skin too. 

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