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About Me


Elisa Vecchio discovered her passion for art early in life as a young girl.  























Never in her wildest dreams did she think she could sustain a career in it- and for a brief moment Elisa gave it up.

Elisa was 18, fresh out of high school, and not sure what route she wanted to take.  She did know that she had a craving for much more than the local colleges had to offer.  The road less traveled, perhaps? 

She found her self filling out applications during the Holiday season, but was selective to where she applied.  Elisa yearned for something more than just a part time job. An established company - Sephora called her back and offered her a sales position. 

What was to be a run of the mill cashier position quickly transitioned into something much more.  Elisa was thrown into a world filled of shimmer & glitter, vast array of endless colorful palettes that seemed like there would never be enough brushes for each shade.  The textures, the formulas all endless possibilities.  She became immersed with it all.. so much that it wasn’t work to Elisa anymore.  Was this the passion that has been calling her all along?

It was all too familiar.  The canvas was different from what she was used to but knew the feeling was the same.  The ambition was showing from the beginning, at any given time Elisa would run and jump at the opportunity to engage with customers about makeup.  2 years and still only a cashier someone finally took notice of her passion.  Elisa was asked to perform a full makeover.  Elisa was a cocktail of emotions.  Eager and scared at the same time as this would be her first makeover.  She started mixing colors looking for that perfect shade.  With each stroke of her makeup brush, she could see the sultry look her client wanted come to life.  Elisa remembered this feeling.. as she continued she also came to life.. her passion was found! 

Elisa knew what she wanted, and that could  not be contained in the four walls of a retail setting.  She worked tirelessly perfecting her craft, and took on any job big or small.  As she continued to evolve her artistry her reputation grew.  One of the world renowned Horror Prop production companies enlisted her talents to help grow their business.  

From there Elisa continued to network and grow her clientele.  Her portfolio now extended into the bridal industry but it didn’t stop there.  Elisa was tapped for music videos, commercials and several shows for the networks Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In an ever growing industry Elisa continues to look for new ways to re invent herself.  She is a recent graduate of esthetician school.  Here she wants to make people look beautiful and feel confident in their bare skin.  Her dream is to own her own Spa one day, as well as curate her very own haunted house. Relaxing and spooky all at the same time, that’s what separates Elisa from all the rest. 

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